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A40 - Sanclêr i Landdewi Felffre o 05/10/2020 (Yn ystod y dydd) - Cynllun Rhwydwaith Ffibr

Where and Why?

Site investigation work will be undertaken on the A40 westbound carriageway from St Clears to Llanddewi Velfrey, to prepare for installations of fibre optic communications for intelligent transport systems. The  investigation work is planned to commence on 05/10/2020 until 16/10/2020.

Lane closures and temporary traffic lights will be used to protect the workforce and the travelling public while the work is undertaken. The traffic management measures will be moved as work progresses westward from St Clears roundabout towards Llanddewi Velfrey.

The Welsh Government is delivering a multi-million pound upgrade and extension scheme to its fibre optic communications network. This network provides the backbone for intelligent transport systems to manage the safe operation of the motorway and trunk road in Wales, from CCTV cameras to electronic messages, to traffic counters and emerging digital highway technologies. These systems ensure that our emergency services receive key information when it’s most needed, help to minimise congestion and to deliver safety measures whilst providing data for future road schemes.

The programme will provide resilience for our existing fibre network to help us ensure critical systems and information are always available to our teams and for the safety of road users.

Diversions and Safety Measures

The works are being carried out during daytime hours to allow the work to progress effectively.

Our contractors will be implementing safe methods of working to adhere to physical distancing measures. Within the constraints, we are taking every opportunity to maximise the number of workers on site and progress the work as efficiently as possible. The programme has been condensed in order to complete work prior to the half term holiday period.

The A40 will remain open in both directions, under control of temporary traffic lights through the lengths of single carriageway. Where side roads are affected, a traffic management operative will be present at the site, to monitor traffic flow and manually control the traffic signals to minimise disruption.

Programme of traffic management restrictions

- A40 (West) St Clears to Llanddewi Velfrey - daytime, weekdays only 05/10/2020 to 16/10/2020.

- Single lane closures will be used on 3-lane sections (west from St Clears roundabout 05/10/2020-06/10/2020; approach to Llanddewi Velfrey 16/10/2020)

- 3 way traffic lights and 2 way traffic lights will be in use throughout the single carriageway sections (07/10/2020-15/10/2020). Access to and from side roads will be manually controlled.

- Whitland Roundabout – 4 way traffic lights planned to be in use Monday 12/10/2020 and Tuesday 13/10/2020

- Blackbridge Roundabout - 3 Way traffic lights planned to be in use Wednesday 14/10/2020

**Dates above are subject to change based on Progress of the work on site.**


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