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A465 Aberdulais Roundabout East and West Overbridge- Essential Bridge Deck Refurbishment Works


Start date: 23/05/21 | End date: 20/10/21

Where and Why?

Built in 1975, the 65 metre long Aberdulais Overbridge spans the A465 and the Tennant canal. The bridge is 46 years old and is in need of repair. During a recent inspection, a structural defect was identified in the columns supporting the bridge deck. A lane closure and temporary propping system were put in place initially but now a permanent repair is to be undertaken.

The first phase of the works are now complete. The second phase of the Bridge Deck Refurbishment is due to commence on the 19th July using daytime lane closures only and some night time closures at the end of the programme.

Diversions and Safety Measures

Following feedback from councillors and residents, we've developed a programme of works that will not require any daytime closures at Aberdulais Roundabout. The works will now require a series of lane closures on the roundabout to facilitate the carriageway realignment to allow the road to remain open and for the deck refurbishment.

A period of night time closures are required at the end of the programme to allow the contractor to complete the surfacing and expansion joint installations, these closures are required for safety.

The east bridge will be closed for two weeks at night between the hours of 20.00 and 06.00 and traffic will be diverted on the A465 to Resolven Roundabout and back to Aberdulais.

The west bridge will be closed for 3 nights between the hours 20.00 and 06.00 and traffic will be diverted on the A465 to Neath Interchange and back to Aberdulais. Dates of the closures are given below.

Diversion Route

Programme of traffic management restrictions


Overnight road closure on west bridge to replace expansion joint for 3 nights. October 4th 20:00 to October 7th 06:00. 

Delayed due to poor weather now planned for October 11th 20:00 to October 14th 06:00. Lane closures will also be in place.


** Please note, programme may be subject to change.


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