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A479 Lower Genffordd Bends near Talgarth - Essential embankment strengthening works - UPDATE


Where and Why?

The A479 was closed following the landslip during Storm Dennis.

Works to renew and improve highway drainage have now been successfully completed.  This will reduce the risk of further deterioration before and after the permanent slope works are carried out.

Unfortunately, statutory land processes and detailed design work have taken longer than initially anticipated, due to unforeseen circumstances.  This has delayed the major slope geotechnical repair works which require access to areas outside of the current highway boundary.

Embankment strengthening works recommenced earlier in the year and are currently progressing well. Every effort is being made to finish this project as soon as possible and the works are programmed to be completed in Late Spring 2021.

What has been done so far?

Image showing digger doing the vegetation works.

Site compound is set up and vegetation works completed. Existing safety barrier was removed and measures undertaken to prevent silt from entering nearby water courses. 

Image showing the access track built in preparation for re-construction

Access track built from the base of the embankment in preparation for reconstruction works. 

Image showing digger and workers doing the reinforced embankment construction

Reinforced embankment construction with benching of the existing slope through the landslip area and northern end.

Image showing the progress of the installation of the block stone wall.

Further excavation works at the southern end have progressed with the installation of the blockstone wall, new culvert and embankment construction. 

The embankment fill works are now approximately 60% completed.

Diversions and Safety Measures

The alternative route for southbound through traffic is via the westbound A438 to Pont-y-bat, south-westbound A470 to Brecon and south-eastbound A40 to the A40/A479 junction at Nantyffin: vice versa for northbound vehicles.


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