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A55 Penmaenbach Tunnel Public Address Upgrade 18th – 21st February 2021


Where and Why?

Work to upgrade the control system for the Penmaenbach Public Address System in order to improve reliability and resilience and to add additional functionality. The project closure will include extensive testing both before and after the upgrade works in order to confirm that the PA system meets the required operational criteria and sound quality. It is expected that due to the high volume at which the messages are broadcast they will be audible for a significant area either side of the tunnel.

Diversions and Safety Measures

The work will be carried out over the 3 nights 19:30 – 07:00 under a full Penmaenbach westbound tunnel closure. Traffic will be batched alternately in eastbound and westbound directions around Penmaenbach Headland during the closure period.

The works are being carried out overnight in February when traffic flows are historically lower and also during a coronavirus lockdown period to minimise disruption.


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