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Average speed cameras to improve safety on A55 Rhuallt Hill westbound


Where & Why?

The recent A55 resilience study (WelTAG Stage 1 strategic outline case) highlighted a number of key road traffic collision hot spots along the A55/A494 corridor. The report identified Rhuallt hill as a road traffic collision hotspot and the subsequent traffic survey confirmed high volumes of excessive speed.

The study presented an option to introduce an average speed enforcement trial (ASE) at Rhuallt hill westbound carriageway to reduce the number of excess speed related incidents in this location.

The report collected speed information from 394,326 vehicles and found that 217,642 had been travelling at speeds of more than 70mph on the westbound carriageway. The data was collated from three locations to better demonstrate the speed profile in the Rhuallt area.

Average Speed systems use more than one camera to measure the average speed of a vehicle over a set distance, smoothing and reducing speeds with the intention of reducing speed related collisions over the entire scheme length.


Safety Measures

The installation of the cameras which have been carried out overnight to keep to the commitment that Ken Skates, the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport, made to have no planned daytime lane closures from April 2017 until September 2018.

The works have now been completed and tested. The “Cameras not in use” have been removed.  Management of the system will now be handed to the safety camera partnership ‘Go-safe’.

The intention of this trial is to achieve a reduction in high speed collisions westbound, thus improving safety, reducing the disruption brought about by such incidents and roadworks required to repair infrastructure.

This is not an intervention designed simply to catch motorists speeding, its only purpose is to reduce speeding and reduce speed related collisions. Ideally, there will be no prosecutions. We are advertising the scheme and will be providing signage/information etc. 

We expect the trial to last 6 to 12 months dependent upon what effect this intervention has. It may be that the scheme becomes permanent.

This is part of Welsh Government’s programme of interventions to reduce the number of incidents on the A55, to improve the resilience and to keep traffic moving.

However, it is clear the actions we are taking cannot improve road safety alone and we must all take a shared responsibility to ensure we use our roads safely.



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