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The Welsh Government’s traffic information service for motorways and trunk roads in Wales

Current Advice for Road Users during the Coronavirus Outbreak

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What should you do?

All of Wales is at alert level 4. What you need to do at alert level 4.

Read the latest Welsh Government guidance on Coronavirus here.


If undertaking an essential journey, please ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and drive carefully

You must ensure your vehicle is safe to drive before setting off. You should carry out a walkaround check of the vehicle before your essential journey and check the:
• lights
• tyres
• wheel fixings
• bodywork
• trailer coupling
• load and other equipment

This also applies to caravan, campervan and motorhome owners. If you're considering towing a caravan please ensure you check your license, whether your vehicles' towing weight is sufficient and if there's any additional kit you may need to buy to tow safely.

Our roads are vital for the transport of key workers, the delivery of goods and for the emergency services. The Traffic Officer Service works incredibly hard, 365 days a year, to ensure the network is safe to use. Please help them during this outbreak by carrying out all safety checks before beginning an essential journey to minimise your chance of breaking down while out on the road and driving responsibly to ensure they’re able to focus resources where they’re needed most.

Advice on car sharing

You should only travel in a vehicle with those from your household and follow the general guidance below. See Welsh Government's full guidance on travelling safely.

Plan your route, including any breaks, before setting out. Routes may be different as local areas make changes to enable physical distancing on pavements and cycle routes.

If you normally share a vehicle with people from other households, we recommend you find a different way to travel. For example, consider walking or cycling if you can. This means that car pools or other arrangements for sharing vehicles to travel to work if you cannot work from home, with people who are not part of your household are not recommended at the moment because it would be difficult to keep to the rules and maintain physical distancing.


  • Good ventilation (keeping the car windows open) and facing away from each other may help to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Be aware of the surfaces you or others touch. Keep areas such as the steering wheel and door handles clean.
  • Clean your hands before and after your journey
  • If you come within 2 metres of others, you should avoid physical contact, try to face away from others and keep the time you spend within 2 metres of others as short as possible.
  • If driving, you should anticipate more pedestrians and cyclists than usual, especially at peak times of day. Allow other road users to maintain physical distance. For example, give cyclists room for a 2 metre separation at traffic lights.

Limit the time you spend at garages, petrol stations and motorway services. Keep a 2 metre distance from others and if possible pay by contactless. Wash or sanitise your hands when arriving and leaving.


When finishing your journey, we recommend that you:

  • Wash or sanitise your hands as soon as possible.
  •  Follow local guidance

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