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11 new gritters named and rolled out for the winter season

Geraint Thomice and Alun Wyn-ter gritters

11 new gritting vehicles will help keep traffic moving this winter on the strategic road network in South Wales. They will make up a total of 40 upgraded gritters in South Wales with a further 19 to come next year.

We’ve given the gritters weather-related and welsh themed names out of the fantastic suggestions from the public.

  1. Alun Wyn-ter Jones
  2. The Eiradicator  
  3. Geraint Thom-ice
  4. The Grit Redeemer
  5. Huwie Halen
  6. Ian Slush
  7. Gritter Ap GritFace
  8. National Ice-steddfod
  9. Rob Brrrr-ydon 
  10. Huw Sledge-wards
  11. I’M4Gritting

We’d like to thank the public for their suggestions. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response. Follow #NameOurGrittersSW to discover the next names when the additional gritters arrive next year.

These gritters will improve safety for drivers and workers due to the vehicles’ improved technology, set up and enhanced visibility. The latest vehicles contain innovative technology which includes:-
•    GPS tracking
•    Auto spreading capability
•    Capability to apply multiple de-icing materials 

Last year, on average, we spent 83 days out of the 212 day winter season gritting the Trunk Road and Motorway along the South Wales network. We’ve currently got over 20,000 tonnes of salt in our depots to help keep traffic moving this winter. Watch our video below to find out how we prepare for winter and how you can too.

Even when roads have been gritted it’s important that drivers still take care and drive to the conditions to stay safe. When severe weather is forecast drivers should follow this general advice.

•    in snow and ice, drivers should stick to the main roads where they can and only travel if necessary - drivers are also encouraged to make sure they have a snow kit in their vehicle, including an ice scraper and de-icer, warm clothes and blankets and sunglasses to cope with the low winter sun. 

Follow the links on the right-hand side to find out the previous gritters names and everything we do to help you on our roads over winter.

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