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A465 Rhigos to Cefn Coed 40mph: changes to speed limit

We have lowered the speed limit on the A465 between the A4059 / A465 Rhigos and the A465 / A470 Cefn Coed roundabouts from 60 to 40mph.

We have changed the speed limit to 40mph to keep roadworkers and road users safe.

We need you to follow the reduced speed limit because:

  • people are working close to moving traffic
  • the road is narrower due to ongoing works
  • machinery might need to cross the road to access work areas safely
  • there’s usually more happening on the road in front of you during roadworks. If you’re going too quickly, it can be hard to react to hazards.
  • it can be harder to see where you’re going because of barriers or dust
  • vehicles that go too fast might throw up stones which could injure a road worker

The speed limit will be in place until work on the A465 section 5 and 6 which should be in mid-2025.

Roadworkers might be working close to the road and might need to step onto the road when traffic is going by. 

The existing average speed cameras are being used to ensure that drivers don’t go too quickly. This means that the entire length of the road needs to stay at 40mph. 

The speed limit adds about an extra 3.5 minutes to journey times when traffic is moving normally. Depending on how busy the road is the journey could take longer.

No. The speed limit is fixed on this type of road.

The system measures the average speed over a section of road. A vehicle is identified when entering the average speed area, and again when leaving it.

GoSafe operates the cameras and works with highway authorities and police forces in Wales to enforce the rules.


Find out more about GoSafe here.

Cameras will not activate if there is a technical fault. They will only capture an offence when the equipment is working correctly. This is a requirement of Home Office Type Approval (HOTA).


The cameras are placed on overhead frames and roadside structures. They will measure speeds on the A465 between the A4059 / A465 Rhigos and the A465 / A470 Cefn Coed roundabouts.


They can enforce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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