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Gritters Oh Salt’s Occurring, Aneurin Bevan, & friends to help keep South Wales’ trunk roads safer


Last year we launched a competition to name the Welsh Government’s fleet of gritters operated by South Wales Trunk Road Agent. We received a great response from the public with over 300 suggestions to choose from. Ten names have been selected so far and printed on our first fleet of gritters.

Here are the winners so far:

1.    Oh Salt’s Occurring 
2.    Snowain Glyndwr
3.    Pretty Gritty City
4.    Fan Halen
5.    Aneurin Bevan
6.    Pont Y Ploughie 
7.    Y Ddraig Oren
8.    Dai Icer 
9.    Eira Gwyn
10.   Cymro

The names were inspired by welsh themes and famous Welsh people with a seasonal twist. Aneurin Bevan, was picked to honour the NHS and the incredible efforts of frontline health workers over the past year. 

A remaining thirty gritters will make up a total fleet of forty. These vehicles have been patrolling Wales’ motorways and trunk roads throughout winter to help keep traffic moving in severe weather.

Following the success of last year’s competition, we’ve decided to run another one to name the remaining gritters. Please send in your suggestions by using #NameOurGrittersSW or emailing [email protected]. We will announce our top picks from October 2021.

South Wales Trunk Road agent gritters


These gritters will improve safety for drivers and workers due to the vehicles’ improved technology, set up and enhanced visibility. The latest vehicles contain innovative technology which includes:-
•    GPS tracking
•    Auto spreading capability
•    Capability to apply multiple de-icing materials 

On average, we gritted the Trunk Road and Motorway along the South Wales network 1670 times last year and with colder weather still likely, our gritter drivers will be ready to work around the clock to keep traffic moving. 

Snowain Glyndwr & Pont y Ploughie gritters

Even when roads have been gritted it’s important that drivers still take care and drive to the conditions to stay safe. When severe weather is forecast drivers should follow this general advice: 

•    in snow and ice, drivers should stick to the main roads where they can and only travel if necessary - drivers are also encouraged to make sure they have a snow kit in their vehicle, including an ice scraper and de-icer, warm clothes and blankets and sunglasses to cope with the low winter sun. 

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