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Traffic Management at Holyhead Port Update FAQs


From January 1st, hauliers and commercial drivers who are transporting goods between Great Britain and the EU will be subject to different custom checks. This could lead to some disruption on the trunk road network.

We’ve been working closely with the Welsh Government and local partners, to implement traffic management measures to help manage delays to Europe-bound freight while protecting local roads from disruption.

Contingency plans to have a HGV stacking area on the A55 were put in place to help protect local communities and businesses from disruption as much as possible. Following the completion of a stacking site on Parc Cybi, 66 vehicles are now able to be stacked on Parc Cybi should it be required and a further 64 spaces will be ready by mid-February.  This means that we’re able to re-open the A55 westbound junction 3 off slip and junction 4 on slip to local traffic. The temporary contraflow on the A55 will run from Jct 2 – 3 from January 31st.

Heavy Goods Vehicle Traffic travelling to the EU via Holyhead Port

All HGVs that are turned away from the port will be redirected via the contraflow back to the A55 Junction 3 westbound where they will either be directed through the A55 stacking area while they sort their paperwork or redirected to other stacking sites off Junction 2 if there is capacity.

  • All other traffic travelling on the A55 between Junction 2-3

Traffic will continue along the A55 in a contraflow system. 

 contraflow diagram a55

A contraflow system means that traffic will be flowing along lanes in the opposite direction to the norm. As such, when you approach a contraflow system you should reduce your speed in plenty of time. As always, you should adhere to speed limits. This is particularly important when contraflow systems are in place because you will be travelling without a barrier in between you and the oncoming traffic.

Details of Restrictions

Start Date & Time **

End Date  & Time**


A55 westbound carriageway will be closed between junctions 4-2


31/01/21 7:00am



3:00 am

Traffic will be diverted onto the A5 during this time from Junction 4.


A55 eastbound carriageway will be closed between junctions 2-4

31/01/21 19:00pm


3:00 am

Traffic will be diverted onto the A5 during this time from Junction 2.


A55 westbound carriageway  lane closure from jun4-3


Mid february


A55 junction 3 westbound onslip and junction 2 westbound off slip will be closed.

Traffic will be diverted onto the A55.

The contraflow system on the A55 will be in place from J2 Parc Cybi to J3 Valley.

We will review how much space is required and will seek to stand down the contraflow as soon as we are confident it is no longer required and are

All abnormal loads over 3.2m wide will be prohibited from travelling along the contraflow they will be re-directed at junctions 2 and 4 to follow a diversion route along the A5.


Over the next two to three weeks, if conditions do not change and as more spaces become available for HGVs at the Parc Cybi stacking site, the contraflow will be removed completely.

Close partnership working between the Welsh Government, the trunk road agent and partner agencies is ongoing to review how much space is required. We will continue to monitor and manage the traffic to assess how much capacity is needed on the network and to implement any changes in a safe and efficient manner.

Urgent works have been underway at Parc Cybi to create an additional stacking site for non-border ready HGVs as quickly as possible. The first phase of these works has been successfully completed to schedule. This means that 66 vehicles are now able to be stacked on Parc Cybi should it be required. The second phase of the works will be completed by mid-February and will provide a further 64 spaces.

See images of the progress below:

Parc Cybi construction completed

The A55 westbound junction 3 onslip and junction 2 off slip will be closed to local traffic during contraflow, however, all other slip roads will remain open for local traffic.

The aim of this plan is to ensure there is minimum impact on people living and working in Holyhead, as well as providing facilities for HGVs and drivers.

It is likely there will be delays in the area but we'll be continually monitoring the situation to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

Extra checks at the border with the EU will apply to goods, which is why HGVs are affected. Car and foot passengers will not be affected and, in the event that ferries are delayed, the port has informed us there will be sufficient space to accommodate passenger vehicles.

Only freight HGVs will be directed to stacking sites external to the port. If lighter good vehicles are turned away from the port, they will need to find their own waiting area to acquire the correct documentation before trying to embark again.

We will be providing advance information packs to hauliers via the ferry companies. Traffic management and additional Traffic Officers will be in place so that HGVs travelling to the port of Holyhead will be directed to the right place


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