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Fibre Network Upgrade South and West Wales


Start date: October 2021 | End date: March 2024

fibre network trench

An upgrade and extension scheme to the road’s fibre optic communications network is planned in South and West Wales. Works are currently taking place on the A477, with works in the future on A40, A48 and M4.

For more information on traffic management see details below.

West Wales

  • A477 Nash Fingerpost Junction to Sageston Junction

Traffic management and temporary traffic lights will be in place during the day where necessary until end of January 2022, but will be removed over the two-week Christmas period.  Please note that this end date could change if the weather impacts on the programme of work.

To complete these complex and long-term roadworks, at times we will need to use traffic lights, lane and full closures to control traffic flow during the works. These will be advertised closer to the time.

For further information, please contact Traffic Wales on 0300 123 1213 or via Twitter @TrafficWalesS.

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