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Traffic Wales information line 0300 123 1213
The Welsh Government’s traffic information service for motorways and trunk roads in Wales

CCTV Camera Service

Welsh Government use over 200 traffic cameras to assist with the management of traffic on the motorway and trunk road network.


The traffic cameras are usually mounted on camera masts on the grass verge or on existing roadside infrastructure (message signs and gantries).

The primary users of the traffic monitoring cameras are our two Camera Control Centres – North and Mid Wales Traffic Management Centre, and South Wales Traffic Management Centre.

Still images from road network CCTV are displayed on the Traffic Wales website, refreshed every 5 minutes. There may be instances when a camera image is not available due to ongoing maintenance of a camera or in the event of Traffic Wales managing a road incident.

The lawful basis for processing is: performing a task in the public interest to monitor the efficient and safe running of the network.

CCTV – General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Summary

Welsh Government Traffic Monitoring CCTV system is not designed to capture personal information, however, on occasion it may process vehicle registration numbers and imagery.

CCTV cameras are also fitted to the Traffic Officer Vehicle fleet and all vehicles display appropriate signage. Welsh Government Traffic Officer personnel are also equipped with video and audio recording devices for officers’ personal security and incident monitoring purposes. While these systems may potentially record personal information (e.g. Vehicle Registration Numbers) in greater detail than standard network CCTV, the main purpose for which these images are processed remain incident and traffic management.

Welsh Government CCTV Data is retained for 14 days after which it is automatically erased. Under most circumstances the CCTV data will not be shared, however, there are some exceptions where we may share the information with:

•The emergency services for prevention or detection of a crime, or safety purpose;
•Third parties, e.g. solicitors, insurance companies, members of the public for insurance purposes; and
•Other persons or organisations with statutory powers of request.

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