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Rydym yn croesawu galwadau’n Gymraeg. We welcome calls in Welsh.
Rydym yn croesawu galwadau’n Gymraeg. We welcome calls in Welsh.

Driving in Fog and Mist

foggy road

Fog can be dangerous for drivers as it reduces visibility. Fog or mist can appear quickly, so you must know how to adapt to the conditions safely.

Before travelling please check our traffic alerts for road restrictions or closures. If there are closures on non-trunk roads, check with your local authority.

Before you travel

Check the forecast

If the forecast predicts thick fog or mist, consider whether your journey is necessary. Fog can appear and disappear quickly, so it may be worth waiting until the fog clears before starting your journey.


Understand your lights

Ensure you're familiar with your headlight and fog light settings and can confidently operate these whilst driving.


Check your vehicle

Ensure your vehicle is working and in service to reduce the chance of an unexpected breakdown.

During your journey

Fog lights

Use fog lights when visibility is significantly reduced and below 100 metres.


Dip your headlights

Ensure your headlights are dipped, and avoid using full beam as the fog reflects the light, reducing visibility even more.


Bad visibility 

If you can't see, stop safely and wait until the fog has cleared before continuing your journey.